Terms and Conditions

When doing business with Koncept Tech ApS and/or purchasing spare parts, wear parts,
equipment and services etc. from Koncept Tech ApS or any related companies, please be
informed that any such business is conducted according to Orgalime S2012, “General
Conditions for The Supply of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic Products”. This includes,
but is not limited to, direct customers of Koncept Tech ApS, Koncept Tech ApS agents
and Koncept Tech ApS distributors.

Please feel free to download Orgalime S2012. In case you would like to receive a copy in another language, you do not see in the below, and you are doing business or consider doing business with Koncept Tech ApS, please feel free to inquire about Orgalime S2012 in another language and we shall be pleased to forward you same, if available.

Disclaimer: All items, parts, and accessories listed on the website of Koncept Tech Aps, are manufactured by Koncept Tech Aps, or manufactured to Koncept Tech Aps, specifications. The names of the original equipment manufacturers referred to on this site, such as but not limited to: Carnitech®, Handtmann®, K&G®, Krämer + Grebe®, CFS®, GEA®, Karl Schnell®, KS®, Laska®, Palmia®, Petsmo®, Seydelmann®, Simo®, Haarslev®, Weiler®, Mincemaster®, ANCO®, Cozzini®, The Middleby Corporation®, Wolfking®, Comvair®, Autio®, Beehive®, Yieldmaster®, Meatmaker®, Poss®, Townsend®, Lima® etc., are all registered trademarks of their respective companies. All original equipment. manufacturer's names are listed as Carnitech® type, Handtmann® type, K&G® type, Krämer + Grebe® type, CFS® type, Karl Schnell® type, KS® type, Laska® type, Palmia® type, Petsmo® type, Seydelmann® type, Simo® type, Haarslev® type, Weiler® type, Mincemaster® type, ANCO® type, Cozzini® type, Wolfking® type, Comvair® type, Autio® type, Beehive® type, Yieldmaster® type, Meatmaker® type®, Poss® type, Townsend® type, Lima® type to indicate that these items are manufactured by Koncept Tech Aps, and not the original equipment manufacturers. Unless specifically stated otherwise, Koncept Tech Aps, has no association or affiliation with any entities/ companies listed.